Akasia Gold conceived as a pre-biotic natural resources from acacia gum tree called Arabic Gum or Manna. With a variety of nutritious ingredients such as Arabic Gum @ Manna, date palm, banana, figs fruit, pomegranate, habatus sauda and others secret recipe.

Arabic Gum also known as Manna Wa Salwa as an energy booster and healthy food which is contents of dietary fiber and higher calcium. Proven by researchers that Manna dietary fiber percentage (26.6%) is higher than apple’s fiber (only 23%). While Manna got 1117mg per 100gm calcium higher than cow milk that only have 125mg per 100gm.Akasia copy

The Amazing of Arabic Gum In Helping You

  1. Maintaining the large intestine (colon)    
  2. Maintaining your kidney (Washing the damage kidney due to continuing medications)
  3. Improve your body's immune
  4. Good bacteria for digestion      
  5. Reduce your weight problems
  6. Stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol
  7. Reduce uric acid which causes gout
  8. Hemorrhoids treatment
  9. Treating urination problem
  10. Diabetic treatment

Usage :
Mix 1 sachet of Akasia Gold with warm water or your favorite water and let it dissolve and drink.