Smart Card is the intelligent way for saving and wasting reducing with a high technology. It’s function memorized as the ANTI-RADIATION setting.

Wave radiation is generated by the equipment that generates energy such as a cell phone, electric power generators, electrical appliances, powered vehicles that using petrol or diesel and etc. Exposure to radiation can cause cancer risk and energy waste.

Did you aware that capable of controlling radiation technology will automatically controlling energy waste to be occurs. Our future technology of Smart Card has been tested effectively that could give you 10% to 30% reduction of petrol and electrical usage. It’s truly happen because of the leakage radiation has been restricted control. These is not just a fact but proven efficacy results, affordable and easy to use by everyone.

Please be aware with the imitation or cloning of a Smart Card. Please refer to the differentiation detected between our original Smart Card with the cloning copy that totally not powerful effective as our innovative technology.

***Any irresponsible party who is trying to make a cloning or imitation of our Smart Card will be dealt with accordingly.


Stick your Smart Card at the vehicle’s petrol tank cover or nearby the petrol tank


Dodol Business Man
The ‘Dodol’ (A Malay’s food) businessman that normally using 2 nos of cooking gas tank for daily operation. But, after using the Smart Card, he only use 1 tank for daily usage. Wow! Wow! Wow!
Dodol Business Man
User From Taiping
User from Taiping, Perak. Daily usage of car petrol is about RM 100 because of working factor that needs more travelling. After using the Smart Card, he successfully reduces his petrol usage to only RM 45.00 per daily.

Pleasantly surprised but AMAZING!
User From Taiping Perak
User From Machang

The user is driving from Machang, Kelantan (with a full fuel tank ) to Penang. Then he filled in again the fuel tank at Penang to find out the journey’s cost. The reality proven, its only take RM 37.00 petrol usage for that long journey.

Amazing, amazing and so amazing right???!

User From Machang