About Us

Right Track Global (RTG) developed for future vision technology, health and beauty solutions that provided with quality and selective ingredients around the world. Our unique products had been testimonial by over than 50,000 consumer all over the world.

We are established since January 2014 and officially launch by 02nd May 2015. We are located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a debt-free and e-commerce company legally registered. Aspire to give most beneficial products to million peoples and develop more millionaires around the world.

We are complete as marketing arm of Capital Gold Market as advisory, strategic planner and build a business solution. Save your money and make more money together with our goal by creating a trustworthy and common wealth community via integrating social networks all around the world.

RTG’s business partner could be achieve a monthly income more than RM 50,000 and should be successful for financial freedom solution. We are born to lead our products and company as the one of the fastest and the right solutions within the challenge world globalization which are healthy, beauty, saving and financial are the mostly importance

The President & Founder

RTG were leads by the top reputation entrepreneur couple in the network marketing, Madam Saerah Othman (President) and Captain (R) Khairuddin Abd Wahid (Founder).

They have 5 years experiences in trading industry and 25 years in network marketing business.

They also had recognized as the Fastest Achiever for the Top Rank in the world. With the enormous knowledge and experiences through the networking operations, project management and business development by their own strategies, they’re spark for RTG to become as the one of the high potential company in the network marketing world